The Discipline

Contains the official expressions of the doctrines and procedures of Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends.

Recording for Ministry

Information Sheet
Steps in Recording Process
Courses of Study

Pastoral Information Form

For those applying for a position in IAYM

Deeper in the Spirit Workshop PowerPoint Slides

Surrender & Sanctification by Mary Glenn Hadley & Marlene Smith
Hearing from the Holy Spirit by John Wilbur

Becoming Like Jesus: Small Group Bible Study on Intimacy & Purity

By Charlotte Stangeland

The Evolution of Music in Worship

Compiled for IAYM by Donna Parsons Williams


Guidelines for effective intercession
How to spend an hour in prayer
Prayer Guide for Intimacy & Names of God
Prayer Labyrinth

Studies for Concerts of Prayer:

Policy on Sexual Exploitation, Ministerial Conduct, and Youth Protection

In 2000 the Iowa Yearly Meeting adopted a set of guidelines for use in our churches and have had them available upon request for people to see or use.

Archived Newsletters