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Iowa Yearly Meeting is a group of orthodox evangelical Friends churches in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. We have a single purpose of making the love of Jesus Christ known.

Upcoming Event Highlights

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April 2016
      30 Mesquakie Friends Workday, Lunch Provided!

June 2016
      10-12 Little Fry(k-2)
      12-17 Middle/High School
      17-19 Young Adult Weekender
      19-23 Elementary

July 2016
      7-10 USFWI/QMI 45th Triennial in Cedar Rapids, IA - Registration is open!

      27-30 IAYM Ministry Conference 2016 in Oskaloosa, IA. Theme:

verb re·viv·i·fy \rē-ˈvi-və-ˌfī\
: to make (someone or something) strong, healthy,
or active again

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