Welcome to Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends

Iowa Yearly Meeting is a group of orthodox evangelical Friends churches in
Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Our Recently Approved Core Values (and explanation–See also September 2019 Iowa Friend):

Imitating Jesus: (Lifestyle) Becoming more like Jesus in the public square where I am called to serve as I seek to make disciples.

Advancing Jesus’ Agenda: (Love) Being transformed by God’s love so as to impact our relationships with Him and all people.

Yielding to Jesus: (Purpose) Making God’s love known by serving all people with integrity as empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Maturing to Fulfill Jesus’ Agenda: (Ministry) Intentionally making disciples in accordance with God’s will and in obedience to all of God’s Word, the Bible.


Iowa Yearly Meeting
PO Box 657
Oskaloosa, IA  52577

Phone:  (641) 673-9717