Friends Response Team

FRT is an outreach of IAYM Quaker Men. Formed in 2004 as IAYM Friends Disaster Service, the name was changed to IAYM Friends Response Team in 2015.

Our Work

As resources are available, to provide food, clothing and shelter to those who are victimized by trouble or disaster; the providing of labor, equipment and materials for rebuilding and restoration of homes and property.

Our Service

To provide an opportunity for Christian service through promoting of the Christian belief in caring for one another spiritually as well as physically.

Our Goal

To demonstrate the love of Christ in a way which encourages others to seek Him as Lord.

Our Vision

To seek the participation and cooperation of like-minded Friends, and to accomplish the objectives and purposes of FRT in broader fields of operation.

Friends Response Team on Facebook

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FRT Participation Form (PDF)

FRT By-Laws (PDF) (PDF)